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I'm the Ace up your sleeve.

I’ve always loved strategy games—the ones where strategy and logic win out over random chance. Winning just feels like more of a flex. 🤷🏻‍♀️

IMO, marketing is one big game of chance in some ways (ahem, viral videos and the Instagram algorithm 🙃 ). Buttttt, if you play your cards right, you can rank for lucrative keywords in a saturated market every time.

That’s what I love about the combination of SEO and creative writing. There’s rhyme and reason, art, and science required. In SEO, domain authority and high-ranking keywords are the name of the game.

If you’re ready to get found on Google by your dream clients, it’s time to play the ace up your sleeve. Learn more about my services and let's get started!

“The Ace of Spades has long been a symbol of strength and authority. In card games, the ace showcases its superiority as the highest-ranking card and can often determine who emerges victorious.”

Full House





Get Started

What's included:

  • SEO site audit
  • Comprehensive Keyword research and strategy development
  • 1-2 blogs per month
  • SEO Website plugin installation, if applicable

  • Must have existing blog plugin feature*
  • Must provide professional imagery or stock photo license*

Blog Only

Get Started

What's included:

  • Flodesk account setup & optimization
  • Flodesk custom template creation (x2)
  • 1-2 emails per month

  • Must provide professional image portfolio or stock photo license*

Email Only

Get Started

What's included:

* The price of software subscriptions (i.e. Tailwind, Flodesk, Wordpress) is not included. Clients must purchase licenses for all relevant tools and platforms.

* ‘Pinterest only’ OR ‘Email & Pinterest’ by request only (must have consistent & reputable blog presence to qualify).

Blog + Pinterest

What's included:

  • Everything included in blog and email only
  • Regular blog promotion via email campaign
  • New email subscriber nurture sequence set up (Workflow)

Blog + Email

  • Everything included in blog only
  • Blog > Pinterest RSS feed setup 
  • Tailwind account setup
  • Pinterest-specific keyword research and strategy development
  • Pin creation and design
  • 10 Pins /month scheduled via Tailwind

Get Started

Blog + Email + Pinterest

  • 2 blogs / month (Wordpress publishing only)
  • 2 email sends / month (Flodesk only)
  • 10 Pins (scheduled via Tailwind)
  • SEO site audit
  • Comprehensive Keyword research and strategy development
  • Google My Business setup and optimization

The Trifecta

What's included:

Get Started

What's included:

  • Everything included in the Trifecta
  • Bi-annual Lead Magnet concept creation and professional graphic design  
  • Available only on 12-month plan

Full House

  • Outsource your organic marketing efforts to an expert copywriter & SEO strategist
  • Get specific, strategic, and intentional in your outbound marketing efforts
  • Maintain a full book of business
  • Grow steadily and sustainably 

you're ready to...

We're a great fit if...

  • A woman-owned small business in a creative industry such as photography or interior design
  • Proud of an exceptional client experience and confident in your craft, service offerings, brand, and pricing
  • In tune with your target audience and how to relate to them
  • Building a solid reputation in your industry

you are...

  • Organically build an audience of people who are excited to engage with your content
  • Create a pipeline of people from social media directly to your owned platforms (AKA email, blog, and website)
  • Wake up to new inquiries from your dream clients every day
  • Reinvest your spare time into revamping your service offerings rather than generating more leads

you wish you could...

My core services are email marketing through Flodesk, blogging through Wordpress, and Pinterest Marketing. I apply an SEO-first approach to any content I create for you, which involves a comprehensive SEO audit of your website and other platforms.


Currently, I am only offering full-service email marketing & platform management through Flodesk. I can still work with you on other parts of your business such as blogging and Pinterest Marketing if you are using another email marketing platform!

Do you offer email marketing on platforms other than Flodesk?

Yes! At the moment, the only social media platform I work with is Pinterest. If you need platform management on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok or other channels, I have a great list of referrals I can share with you.


100%! My blogging service includes research, writing, formatting, and publishing to your website. I will even curate photos for each post from your existing media library. 


I work exclusively with women-owned small businesses in the creative space. My favorite industries to work with are photography, wedding and bridal, interior design, styling, beauty, and fine arts.


It's time to wake up to new inquiries from your dream clients every day.


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